Design of loudspeaker enclosures: closed box


    Castells Ramón, Francisco Sales

This virtual lab represents the curve of a closed-box design from the electromechanical parameters of a driver, its maximal ratings (including maximum linear displacement and maximum electrical power) and box parameters.

For a given speaker, investigate the effect of parameters involving closed-box loudspeakers

~The user should introduce two sets of parameters related to the driver and the configuration of the box:


RE: Electrical Resistance
Bl: Force Factor
CMS: Mechanical Compliance
MMS: Moving Mass
RMS: Mechanical Resistance
SD: Effective Radiating Surface
Xmax: Maximum linear excursion
PE: Peak Electrical Power (considered as 4 times continuous AES Power)


VB: Physical Box Volume
γ: Coefficient by which the apparent Box Volume is increased (γ range between 1.0 and 1.4)
QA: Quality Factor due to Absorption within the Damping Material
QL: Quality Factor due to Leakage

After introducing the required parameters, the virtual lab represents the frequency response of the box for maximum achievable SPL.
The virtual lab represents the following curves:
- Frequency response of the box
- Information of performance parameters: f6, SPLmax, maximum input power and Ripple in dB
- Other parameters related to the closed-box: QTC, fc and α
- Peak cone displacement as a function of frequency (Xmax is also shown as a reference)


RE (Ω)

Bl (N/A)

CMS (μm/N)

MMS (g)

RMS (kg/s)

SD (cm2)

Xmax (mm)

Peak electrical power PE (W)

VB (l)





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